Thursday, August 7, 2014

We can see Him working (Part 2)

Knowing that this girl had her abortion booked for today, I didn't sleep well and woke up to a text from someone who had been speaking with the Sisters of Life - Apparently they were not convinced that our client would choose life for her baby. I started praying as soon as I woke up, and text her at around 8am, to urge her to get on her knees and pray before making any decisions. I didn't hear from her all morning so I was hoping she'd slept in and not went to the appointment. So I just got on with sidewalk counselling at Planned Parenthood. 

A few hours in, I was speaking to Laura about various things with my back to PP. She asked me where the girl's appointment was, and I said I had no idea about where or what time it was. 

Laura pointed out that a girl was walking towards the door so I walked across the road but she ignored me and walked in. About 2 meters behind her was ... guess who ... my client! I couldn't believe it!! I thought she had seen me and was going to walk past so I walked in front of her and said 'Hey! What are you doing here!?!' and hugged her. She looked pretty shocked to see me! I could hardly believe my eyes. I had NO idea her appointment would be down at Bleeker St when she lives up in the Bronx. Crazy. 
I pleaded with her not to go in but she really wanted to get a sonogram to see what the people there had to say about her health. I told her we would do one for free or I could get her an another appointment with the pro-life doctor. She was determined to go in though. I called Laura across to introduce them and we chatted for a while. She was well-humoured but she still wanted to go in. She was saying I was stalking her and that I must have followed her, but I assured her it must have been God at work to put me there and catch her!!!

I told her I was about to get on my knees and beg her not to go in; she didn't like the sound of that at all! So we talked some more, and some how, by the grace of God, we got her to change her mind and cancel the app. We said we would go out to lunch instead and chat. The security guard didn't seem happy and we were precariously close to the door but somehow we stopped her from going in!

She said that across the road Billy had tried to give her a 'Good news' leaflet and told her that she should pray! He put her off so she walked past the building and had to walk back again to cross the road. Those few seconds meant that I happened to be crossing the road just as she came on to the pavement. 

God is so good. I've never felt so relieved to be walking away from that place. 

We got lunch and some ice cream, and had a really good chat. She said she was going home to tell her husband that she didn't go to the appointment and that she was keeping the baby! Hallellujah!! She thought that he would be happy because he had tried to talk her out of going this morning. As we got her metro card, I have her my Our Lady of Guadalupe medal that another sidewalk counsellor gave me a few weeks ago.  

As I left her, I pointed to the sky and said 'He's got everything in His hands. He loves you and He is going to protect you.' I hope she remembers that.  

God has big plans for this baby. So many people are united in prayer. 

God bless all you beautiful souls who prayed! Vx

Our Lady of Gaudalupe, pray for us.
St Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

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