Monday, August 11, 2014

Yes, but think about him

Hello again, my dear readers. Today i want to share with you the story of Lorena. She had a miscarriage in her first pregnancy and now she´s got two kids. She came to our Queens office to have an abortion. The reason why she wanted it is that she feels a strong pain in her stomach. She felt that in before she had the miscarriage and she was scared of what could happen in this one. Also, her economical situation is not that good so it would be difficult to afford three kids. I show her a video that explained how abortion really is and the consequences of it. I asked her to imagine that life she had inside growing in few years. I wanted her to stop thinking for one second about what can happen to her and start thinking in her new kid one. She left the office undecided, with lots of things on mind, nervous and scared. I showed her support an compassion by texts and not a long time after she told me she wanted to have the baby. The problem is that she doesn't  know what causes her pain and she is going to the doctor shortly.

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