Sunday, July 11, 2010

Women Deserve Better than Abortion

Dear men who know the risks of abortions and yet still want their girlfriends to have them,
get a life! I had a couple come in this morning at the Bronx Center for a pregnancy test. They seemed very nice, and said if they were pregnant, they wanted to abort. They are both 19 years old. The boyfriend does not have a job, and the girlfriend is in summer school to graduate high school. When I told the girl I was going to show them a video of the abortion procedure and the risks that come with it, she seem dumbfounded. She said, "Risks...," and the boyfriend said, "Yep. It comes with alot." As the video played, the girl looked with attentive eyes, while the boyfriend made various comments with nonchalance such as: "Oh, I know how this is done. I looked up abortions on the internet. In fact, I saw an imported video of an actual abortion. There was all these baby parts floating around in a metal tub." He clearly knew the procedure and risks of an abortion and even of the aftermath, and yet he still wanted to put his girlfriend through it. What a man. There was even a point where he was rubbing his girlfriend's back and said, "Yeah, abortions are dangerous."
Once the video was done, I asked them what they thought, and if they still wanted an abortion. They both said they are just not ready. Then I politely asked the boyfriend to leave so his girlfriend and I could have a more personal talk. I told her that her boyfriend seemed quite nonchalant with his comments on the video. She didn't say anything. I then told her if I were a boy, I would not want my girlfriend to go through all that. I would be worried for her. We then showed her the Choice Blues video which shows an actual abortion. After seeing the disturbing reality of abortions, she told us she was a little scared, but could not support a baby. We then stressed her the importance of abstinence so she could avoid having to be in that tough situation, and even suggested Natural Family Planning. I hope for the best for her, and that her boyfriend can truly care for her.