Thursday, June 25, 2015

           "I want to keep my baby, but I'm afraid."

Supporting our clients all the way. 

I witnessed my first ever sonogram on Tuesday. The baby was 24 weeks old! It was a boy and he was giving a high five! Very cool! This was a life saved, as this young woman was legally too late to have an abortion. Leaving our centre the girl was excited to be keeping her baby, which was a total U-turn. She came into our office with the aim of having an abortion. Had she gone to an abortion clinic her baby would now be dead. She left us with light in her eyes.

The more I see these types of cases the more encouraged and comforted I become in this mission we are on. The majority of women and girls I meet do not want to have the abortion they set out that morning to have. I ask their confused and frightened faces if they actually want to have the abortion, if they really want to end the pregnancy, and if they want to keep their babies. The answer is almost always the same "I don't want to have an abortion. I want to keep my baby but I'm afraid." 

Beautiful young women are going into abortion clinics out of fear and coming out even more confused and regretful of their decision. They are afraid for many reasons, mostly out of fear of rejection and financial concerns. They are afraid of the future without realising the affects abortion could have on them. Effects they are not educated on in the abortion clinics. We offer support and truth. We offer love and encouragement. I am witnessing each day how this literally saves lives. 

I have had a handful of girls over the past few days say "thank you" to me. 'Thank you" I have to repeat it such is my gratitude at their openness to God's grace through our presence here. Young women who were about to have abortions say 'thank you." It's incredible! They are thankful because someone took the time to talk to them and truly care for their good. They are thankful for hearing that they have another choice; a choice to save and not to end. They are thankful for the truth. I am thankful for God's saving grace and Our Lady's intercession. 


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