Monday, June 22, 2015

Greetings to everyone!

I’m Borja and I’m 22 years old. I’m from Spain and I decided to come to New York because I wanted to help people and what better that helping babies who don’t have right to defend. I am studying law and economics, and I prefer do volunteering in summer than a good labor practices. This is the reason why I chose to join to EMC.

 I arrived with a friend the 18th of June to the JFK airport; we were concerned because the United States was something new for us. Now I consider myself a new citizen of Woodlawn Heights. I only have been here three days since my arrival, but the days have been very intense and tired, but I’ve learned that we can do a lot of things to help these babies and their mothers who often don’t know that they do. I’ve realized that we have to pray so much for those babies who are helpless. They need our prayers that are never enough.

My first day of volunteering, I was in the Bronx’s office and I saw two young girls who came to the office to get ultrasounds. I could be with them and I saw their faces lit up when they saw the ultrasounds of their children in their belly. When I saw their smiles with their children, you can see that people change their opinions about their children’s life. The cause of this is that one day an EMC intern spoke to her that there are solutions which are better than the abortion.

I will hope that EMC interns can bring in the culture of life in New York City. This city needs your prayers.

Regards and see you soon in this blog.


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