Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's A Miracle!

Today is the day that makes all the suffering worthwhile!

Let me tell you...

I have become better at distinguishing the signs of a woman going into the clinic for an abortion. I had little faith in the beginning, fearing that I would never be able to pinpoint these very delicate woman. But guess what happens when you have little faith? God shows us just how powerful He is and yup... He sure did show me today. In fact, He revealed so much of His power to me today!

Planned Parenthood in downtown Manhattan  

I was absolutely sure these two women were going into Planned Parenthood for an abortion and I was able to discern which one was there for the abortion and which one was there for support. I approached them as quickly as I could and was only able to provide our brochure of helpful information to the women supporting her friend.

Moments later that friend came outside, as most supporting figures do, to smoke a cigarette. Yes! A perfect opportunity to inspire her heart so that she, in turn can inspire the heart of her friend. I approached her and asked if her friend was having an abortion today, she confirmed that indeed she was. This women opened up to me and we began talking deeper about the devastating situation of the pregnant woman who I later learned was actually her cousin. I emphasized the amount of love she was going to have to give her cousin so that she can heal from such a traumatic event. Amazingly, she confessed that she herself had an abortion in her past and agreed that the effects of an abortion are indeed beyond difficult and lasting. Our conversation ended with much encouragement and I gave the rest for God to handle.

In the meantime, a man who works close with the Sisters of Life joined us on the sidewalk to offer us his sidewalk counseling wisdom! At some point he spoke with the same woman waiting for her cousin and here is where things got real!! She walked out of Planned Parenthood maybe an hour later and told us her cousin is keeping her baby....


Yes! God does exist!

The photo you will see below is the same diagram she took a picture of as requested by the man helping who asked her to show her cousin the truth about what the abortionist is planning on doing to her and her baby. This truly changed the heart of these two women and praise God a life was sparred this day!

I am so grateful that God gave me the opportunity to witness such a defeat over death.

However, the fight is not over. This women still requires all the prayers she can get so that she does not change her mind and continues to carry her pregnancy to term.

Let's pray EMC can see that baby in 28 weeks!

Sincerely yours,

P.s. I know this diagram is challenging but please take a moment to see the truths about abortion. This particular type of abortion occurs during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

Diagram by Nucleus Communications 

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