Friday, June 19, 2015

Seeds of hope

I spent yesterday morning ‘on duty’ (in words of construction workers nearby) next to Planned Parenthood in Manhattan. It was the first morning when I actually was able to predict who is coming into the clinic in that sidewalk full of passers-by. It has nothing to do with appearance, maybe it is just pain that can be sensed in these heavy steps of expected parents. When they see us, they want to avoid us but at the same time a small part of their being wishes to be stopped from aborting their child. And yes I tried to do just that, greeting them with a smile. A group of girls were coming and one of them was pregnant. Her friend told that it is ‘only’ 8 weeks of pregnancy… When they heard what the baby is capable of at this time, how the heart is already beating, they accepted the pamphlet with more information and our phone number but carelessly rushed into the clinic… It seemed like that friend was more interested than the pregnant girl herself. I did not see them leaving the clinic for the rest of the morning…

A few men who were waiting outside while their partners were in the clinic tried not to demonstrate their feelings, but after talking to them it was apparent that they carry hurricanes in their hearts. They felt helpless and one refused my help, another was in denial.

Deceased babies in this clinic are not forgotten; they received a tribute from street artists which can be seen by a lot of women on their way to the abortion clinic. The street of Planned Parenthood certainly has a different atmosphere.

Even though that was a morning with no turn-arounds, a lot of women took the pamphlet with the pro-life message into abortion clinic. Maybe this is a tiny seed of hope. Maybe this hope will grow gradually in them and they will be able to be open to life one day.


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