Monday, June 15, 2015

Advocate for the Unborn

Last week I had the opportunity to travel down to Williamsburg virginia to visit colonial Williamsburg with my fellow interns. I got to explore the revolutionary city and tour some historical buildings like the governor's’ palace, Capitol and one of the founding fathers Peyton Randolph’s house. I was fascinated by the history and beauty that colonial Williamsburg holds.
Williamsburg VA, holds the ideals of the founding fathers; Jefferson and Randolph advocating for the independence of the people of America. Just like how the leaders advocated for the freedom of people, the unborn children are relying on Pro-lifers to advocate on their behalf. They need people to advocate for them that they are not just a blob of tissue, they are humans and they have the right to be given the chance to be born into the world. Thomas Jefferson advocated for an Ideal Republic where "Under the law of nature all men are born free" and everyone has a right to Life and Freedom. One important thing I learnt from this trip is to make sure to give my all and advocate on behalf on the Unborn children and ask the mothers to choose life for their unborn children.

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