Sunday, June 7, 2015

A call of hope

It is hard to believe that it has been only over a week since I arrived because it feels like a month. So many people met, different places visited, various kinds of work done… It has already transformed me, 23 years old Lithuanian, a recent Psychology and Business graduate from Edinburgh University. I have learnt a lot and felt God working through people, and this is just a beginning.

During my first week I went to the Bronx and Brooklyn offices to help with pregnancy testing and consultations and prayed in front of abortion mills at the end of the week. Meeting friends of EMC in the fundraiser was a great experience. I have learnt a lot of sad facts about abortion and seen dreadful pictures and videos this week, but I am going to share a phone call that provides hope.

I called a client to see what her final decision about her pregnancy was, but apparently she left her mother’s phone number to us so I was speaking to her. She was frustrated because her daughter avoided talking about the pregnancy and did nothing about it, which indicated to me that the girl was unwilling to undergo the termination. It was her first pregnancy. Her mother’s position was neutral - she wanted her daughter to have an ultrasound for the sake of her health and then do whatever she wants with the pregnancy; however she was worried about unemployment of her daughter’s boyfriend.

When the woman heard how terminated pregnancy shocks the body that is prepared for growing the baby for 9 months, how abortion can result in breast cancer, how physically and emotionally healthier it is to go through the pregnancy, give birth and only then decide whether to keep a baby or to allow he or she to be adopted, the mother of the girl has changed. I was telling that the babies’ heart is already beating, how the baby has little fingers and toes. I told the woman that perhaps her daughter is hesitant to take any actions because she is afraid to be pushed for an abortion. There are numerous organisations willing to help if her daughter had nowhere to stay or needed baby supplies. I told her that mother’s words of support are more important and powerful than she can imagine and that these few words can make her daughter feel entirely different. Then the woman said she is going to cry, that she has never thought about these things… She was invited to see a sonogram together with her daughter and the boyfriend. She kept saying that she is going to cry and thanked.

This was the first time when I witnessed a change in heart and mind which is the goal of the EMC. Working with people who are the closest for a pregnant lady is very important because it helps to form a support net around her and her baby. In many cases this support from parents is enough to avoid abortion. 


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