Saturday, June 27, 2015

First week: first impressions

This first week has been hard but very rewarding at the same time! I still don't get used to seeing how some mothers decide to end up with their babies' lives, and I don't think I ever will. Every time I hear "I want to have an abortion" my heart shrinks. But thank God and thanks also be to all of the people who are working at this organization, a lot of mothers realised that abortion is not the solution of their problems at all. Actually they realised that abortion could be the begining of a way bigger problem that will never go away.

I was with Sarah (another intern of the organization) the other day, assisting and counseling a young girl... It is unbelievable how lots of women don't know what abortion means and which are the consequences of that practice. This particular girl came to the office with the firm decision of having an abortion, and after watching a video about the different types of abortion, she completely changed her face; the dubt and uncertainty began to grow on her. I pray for her everyday! I have so much faith on her keeping the baby! 

Today we spent the morning at Dr. Emily’s, a clinic in the Bronx, and it wasn’t such a busy day (meaning very few women went in) but there were some ‘pro-choice’ volunteers, which was very disturbing for me because at some level I can understand the mothers (the fear, the pressure, the ignorance…), but for people to volunteer for defending such an evil cause when they have nothing on it, makes no sense to me.  

Luckily there were some pro-life volunteers as well, and we pray together which was comforting. We’ll keep on praying and working hard.


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