Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Strength in mother's heart

It was a regular morning next to Dr. Emily's when I saw a man quickly walking towards the entrance with a woman reluctantly following him. Their body language has already told half of the story. Another intern Marga spoke to the lady while the guy was shouting her name from the doorstep of abortion clinic. She was distressed and did not listen. Then Marga came to me and told that the lady agreed to come to our office. Since she was a new intern, I showed the way. The man was adamant, he was getting agressive and made the lady cry. However she sticked with us. She read the pamphlet about negative effects of abortion and alternative options on our way, it seemed like she was finding comfort internalizing that information. The young man followed us and attempted to change her mind from time to time. 

How can one have such a strong desire to kill? It was her first pregnancy, and her intuition was unmuted. That young woman had all the gentleness and affection that her baby is going to need. But her man completely ignored our invitations to see the sonogram, he wanted to reject the idea of a baby being real human being. Not far from our final destination he left us full of anger.
We still don;t know if it is a turn-around, because the girl spent some time to cool down after such a shock and then told she would come back for a sonogram with her mother. 

I really want this baby to see a daylight and I hope that his or her mother will stay loyal to the voice of her heart.

                                            Next to Dr. Emily's that morning


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