Monday, June 22, 2015

Hi everybody! My name is Marga, I am a 22 year old Spaniard who arrived on Friday afternoon to the LifeHouse. My brother and sister were interns several years ago, and they kept telling me that once I got old enough I had to come because it was very rewarding for them and they grew a lot. And when I became aware of the situation here I couldn't wait to get here.

When we arrived I was surprised of how nice and welcoming all the interns were towards us, but it was more shocking on Saturday when I went with another intern to Plan Parenthood for sidewalk counseling, because the girls we talked to were actually willing to listen to us. I know it won't always be like that, but for my first day it was very encouraging seeing how eager they are to find help and a solution to their problem. So there is hope. Even when the time when we won't be able to spread the word among some women comes, there will still be hope: God will find a way.

Even though I learn a lot just by observing the other intern and some other sidewalk councilors that had gather there that morning, I was really looking forward to the training which took place this morning, first at the LifeHouse and then at the Bronx Office. We talked about sidewalk counseling, we roll-played, we saw some training videos, and I learned a lot. Nevertheless, it was overwhelming, since we got to discuss the American legislation on abortion which is far worse from the Spanish one I'm used to, and as a Spanish and catholic law graduate it was very frustrating for me. But at least women here are more willing to be helped so, again, there is hope.

I'll try to bear in mind every morning and whenever I'll feel useless (when for instance a girl I've been talking to for five or ten minutes walks into the abortion clinic anyway), that God will provide.

I hope I will have good news for all of you next time I post!


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