Saturday, June 27, 2015

                                Oh, you're saving babies!"

Chatting with curious locals.

It's great when passers-by and local workers stop to ask what we are doing and ask why we do it. In Queens today one man's reaction to my explanation was "Oh, You're saving babies." And yes we are! The abortion clinic I was at today is on it's last legs in no small part to the wonderful pro-life activists who regularly witness outside it. 

Very few girls entered that clinic toady. I had another potential turn around today and all it takes is the truth and kindness and prayer!!! This young woman was going into the clinic to have an abortion. She walked away from me minutes later thanking me for being there and for caring. Now she knows she really has a choice to make. A choice where she sees more than one ending. A choice in which she can follow her heart. A choice in which she listens to her body. A choice that obeys her spirit and a choice which can give her true peace of mind. 



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