Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mom being late let that baby to stay alive!

Another day next to Dr. Emily's. A pregnant lady in the picture who received a pamphlet said she does not know how far along she is. She refused to come to our office for a sonogram, but she said she would think about it inside. She admitted that she might change her mind and seemed to be quite open. When she dissapeared behind Dr. Emily's abortion clinic door, I really really wanted that baby to survive and bring joy for this mother. She already has two kids and is moving home, a big change in life. But unconditional love should be more important than that, right? 
Next to Dr.Emily's 

In couple of hours the same woman exited the clinic crying very hard. She looked so sad. Apparently the baby is 27 weeks old and the clinic refused to sign her up for an abortion! They do abortions up to 24 weeks. I was so happy, even though the lady was really distressed. How could someone be so dissapointed about a little baby? I gave her one more pamphlet because she left the first one inside the clinic. She was grateful and looked a little bit more hopeful after reassurance of help shecan get from a number of organisations. I was happy for a baby, and I hope that the mother will be ruled by unconditional love as soon as they meet each other.


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