Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hi there everyone!

I'm Eli, a 21 year old spaniard, and I've studied Degree in Primary Education.

I arrived here last Wednesday and since then I have seen, felt and experienced so much. Despite it has been just a short time I could realize that what we do, the seeds that we plant, always give its fruits, even if we cannot see them.

I decided to come to this internship because a friend of mine came a couple of years ago and she talked to me about it, and I felt I could do something great here. And also as a prolife person I wanted to share the real meaning of abortion, and the value of life.

Imagine I go to a restaurant and then I find the best pizza ever, what would I do? I would recommend it to everyone, share it, invite my friends... That's what happens to me with life, I find life so amazing that I want everyone to experiment it :)

I'll keep writing here to tell you about my prolife adventures!


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