Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hi! my name is Violeta, I'm 21, I'm from Madrid (Spain), and I study economics at University Rey Juan Carlos.
Regarding my family I can tell you that I have one sister and one brother. My brother, Pablo, has down syndrom and lots of people decide to abort babies with this disease, so I want to defend indefense babies as in my family we have always chosen life.
Since some years, I spend my summers doing volunteering projects.
A friend of mine told me about  this Pro-life internship in New York  and she also told me her experience and how grateful this is, and I wanted to get involved in something like this, so here I am doing my first pro-life volunteer and I'm so excited.
In my first day I went to pray to Choices, an abortion clinic and I felt so sad because it is hard to see how moms get into the clinic, and I was so shocked because that day in about 4 hours maybe 15 moms entered to the clinic.
But I saw that one mom changed her decision about the abortion and then I felt that God does big thing and we should trust Him.

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