Sunday, June 7, 2015

A New Beginning

Hello Emc life blog. My name is Nidrea Roberson and I am a new intern here in NYC at the life house. I've been here at the life house interning for Emc for three weeks and I have learned a lot in that time frame. Before I get to my experiences I will say a little more about myself. I am a 22 year old girl born in Boston Massachusetts but from Montgomery AL. My major is psychology and my future goal is to be a clinical psychologist. I have always believed in life from the start of conception. When looking up a internship for my major I know I needed something that I was interested as-well as fitting along with my major. When I found expected mother care (Emc) I thought that it was perfect.

In my first week I was alone in the house so it was hard to find my way around NYC myself but I ended up doing fine with few mishaps. When I arrived to the Bronx office I meet Kathy (the head counselor for Bronx) for the first time and she was very informative for my first day. She told me the basic operations of Emc and showed me the starting ropes. I also meet two other interns there that did not life in the house so I was glad to not be alone anymore. So I sat In with Kathy and I saw how she did the counseling. She was very direct and the girls situations were very sad. However on my first day I saw a turnaround. :)

As the week went on I went to the Brooklyn office and I meet the 9 month pregnant Lori ( a head counselor in Brooklyn). She was only there for a short time but she did teach me some things around the office aswell. Her leaving for her maternity leave was so lovely because a women should be able to have a child and still have her job. Many jobs demote or penalize women for taking off time for that.

Later in the week and towards the next two weeks I learned more about counseling the women and the paperwork the was involved from Caroline ( a head counselor) at the Brooklyn office. I know how the abortion process is done as-well as the side effects from the procedure. I learned what help can be done for the women in order to keep the child. I also learned the history of planned parenthood. On Saturday I did my first sidewalk counseling. It was very different than anything I have done before. Many of the girls that went in we're so determined to have the procedure done that there was nothing to really stop them. There were tears of girls who did not want to go in however a planned parenthood employee came and took her in. We pray for these girls.

Now in my third week in the life house I have meet new girls that have come to life here with me so I am no longer alone. However, I am still learning.

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