Friday, June 19, 2015

Making the Right Choice...

In difficult situations people tend to make decisions that benefits the moments without thinking about the future consequences. At EMC we try to help mothers make the right choice of choosing life for their babies.
I met a 17 yrs. old Latino girl this week. She is 21 weeks pregnant for a boy who is also 17 yrs. old. Her parents are separated, she got pregnant while living with her father. She is living with her mum at this moment. Her mom says that she will support her in decision but she would rather have her abort the baby. Her mom would have had her abort the baby earlier but she didn't have an insurance. It is amazing how God works sometimes! The girl’s mom believes the girl is too young to have a child and isn’t ready for such responsibility. The girl is now fond of her baby; she has felt it move and she would like to parent the baby. She believes that she can take care of the baby and she will do her best to be responsible. There is just one thing stopping her from making the right decision her mom’s opinion. I talked her into convincing her mom in support her and that she can do a good job taking care of the babies. I am praying that she does not give in to her mum’s opinion of her aborting the baby. I am praying she make the right decision in keeping the baby.
We pray for the mothers to make the right decision in choosing life for their babies.


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