Monday, June 22, 2015

First days at EMC internship!

Hi! My name is Fátima Wesolowski. I am from Madrid (Spain), and I came here three days ago. I have felt very welcome ever since we arrived. 

On Saturday we went to an abortion clinic, where there were many other pro-life people from a local Church. We exchange opinions and thoughts with them. They had a different approach, but it was very enriching.

Later on, some of the interns, another boy who was already there praying and myself, got together to pray the Rosary. It was a very special moment, to see strangers praying together for the same cause. I really appreciated that moment because I think the most important thing is to pray first and then get into action.

Today was a training day, and I took it very seriously because I am aware of how important it is to be well prepared, so that we can be able to help the women in need and to safe those babies' lives.

So that is all I can tell you for now. I hope and I know that this is going to do a lot of good, so every effort will be worth it!

I´ll keep you posted,


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