Saturday, June 27, 2015

Learning a lot

In my first week I've learned a lot. We had training at the LifeHouse, where I learned about counseling and the best way to approach the women that go into the clinics. I also learned a lot about the work at the office, which was very interesting because I tended to think that our job was done once we had convinced the mothers, but there is a long way from the moment we talk to them or they reach us, to the final moment of them having their babies.

So far is being such a rewarding experience to put to practice everything that we are learning at training and from fellow volunteers. I got to co-counseling two girls at the Bronx office this week, which was bittersweet since one of them decided to have an abortion while the other came around and decided to keep the baby. I can feel how I'm growing more and more every day, and hopefully that will help me help, not just a few, but all of the women that come my way. I'll keep on praying for it. 


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