Sunday, June 28, 2015

fIrst week

We have had a hard and intense week. We have done all sorts of things. On Monday, We were training in the LifeHouse and we have learnt a lot of thing like counseling or doing a pregnancy test. We didn’t know anything before that, but after that we have improved our prolife’s knowledge.  Now, we can help to the mothers who need our assistance and advice. We met Sister Dorothy on Tuesday. She is a great woman who has a great heart. She showed us that the most important thing, that we can do to help these mothers and babies, is PRAY.

I have been the rest of the week in the abortion center of Manhattan. They have a lot of clients and it is a place very transited. I could talk to some mothers but only one heard me. Her name is Sarah and she is 17 years old. We were talking during a long time. She has a friend who is in the same situation. She said me that she will talk to her friend to convince her. So we have to pray for her and her friend. 
You can see that if you pray, God acts. On another occasion I noticed that some women, who leave the abortion center, are depressing and doleful.  They need company and consolation. And in this moment we gave advices and help after abortion, and they are grateful for that.

We can help and pray more, NY needs us!


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