Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hi there! My name is Francis Ditekemena; I am from The Congo but I currently live in Madrid, Spain. I arrived in New York one week ago where I will spend the next three months as an EMC intern.

Last Sunday we went to pray the rosary in front of an abortion clinic. A taxi driver came with a young mom and after she got off, the taxi driver blessed himself and left. I think many people are tremendously chocked by the dramatic situation of abortion. Yesterday some of us were in front of another abortion clinic from 8 to 11 am, and only during this time, 37 moms went in the clinic.

Two days ago, a young mom came to the Bronx office and Kathy called me to observe how she attends to her. During the conversation, Kathy asked what she was planning to do with the pregnancy. She said, she just wants to cancel it. I was shocked by her answer and wondered why she didn't say abortion. Avoiding to say 'abortion' shows she consciously knows she want to do something very bad. I could see that this mom needs help. She needed someone to talk to and explain to her what abortion really looks like. I am happy the pregnancy test was negative for her.

Let’s pray together for the culture of life so that everybody can learn the beauty of motherhood. I’d like to keep sharing with you guys this great and changing life experience fighting the fight of Love and Life in New York City!


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