Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Great Start

            I arrived in New York on Friday June 5 2015 with a fluttering and nervous heart wondering if I made the right decision by taking this internship. The first time I saw the city was on the way to the life house in Bronx, it was amazing and it reminded me of Lagos city in my home Country, Nigeria. When I arrived at the life house in Bronx I met my housemates who are amazing, that made me more comfortable and I slept with an excited heart looking forward to the next day.
            The next day I participated in sidewalk counselling in front of Planned Parenthood, an abortion center in Manhattan and it was a new experience for me. Although it was disappointing to see a lot of women walk into the center without giving the counselling a try, it was encouraging to see a Pro-Life prayer group praying in front of the center.
            After the sidewalk counselling, I attend a social meeting with other interns where I met other Pro-Lifers and it was a fun experience for me. I went sightseeing with my housemates and it was fun, we visited Times Square it was amazing. I also went on a fundraising cruise on the Hudson River (Estuary) and it was breathe taking. I had fun talking with other Pro-Lifers and listening to their experiences, it was motivating. With this little experience and great start, I am really looking forward to a great summer in the beautiful city of New York and I am ready for God to work through me.
I am an international student currently a biology major/psychology minor junior in Mississippi University for Women.


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