Saturday, July 12, 2014

Young but close to you

How can a 18 years old guy convince an older and more experienced woman to not have and abortion?
This question doesn´t have an easy answer. When the clients come to the office and they find my, usually they put a surprise face, because they expected someone older. What I discovered here, mostly in the Queens office, where I spent the most part of my volunteering this week is that what women want is someone that understands her situation, her feelings and herself. I discovered that it is effective to tell her you will try to overcome that hard situation she´s having, with her, as a team. Becoming her confident and someone she can trust in makes more than someone that just give information with no sharing of feelings. When a woman wants to have an abortion it is because she´s in trouble, and she would avoid it if it were and easier way to her. It is of course also important to give her information and education about the matter. We can´t forget than our target is to save the baby and make him live in good conditions, an objective where we should put all of our power on. 

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