Saturday, July 5, 2014

Calling All Men

Earlier this week I spent some time on the streets for the first time doing sidewalk counseling. I have been in front of an abortion clinic many times, but just to pray and doing peaceful protests. Trying to counsel the women is a different experience and can be much more trying mentally and emotionally.

Before I stood in front of the clinic my biggest concern was trying to deal with angry women and not knowing the best thing to say to the women who were walking in and out of the clinic. After spending a few hours on the streets I was surprised by my interactions with the men during that time.

I had been confronted by two men while praying and counseling on the street who had some interesting (and not so pleasant) things to say to me. I also spent some of the time accompanied by the escort for Planned Parenthood who was a man. He did not say anything to me during that time, but this did make me think and reflect a little on the role of men in this whole culture of death.

We have been so focused on women, and women's rights, that we don't stop and think about the fathers in these cases... it does takes two to Tango. We have to remember to pray for these women and the men, too. We are losing a child, a mother, and a father every time an abortion is performed.

          Lord please watch over and guide all those fathers who struggle with idea of an abortion. Help these men to live up to their nature and fight for the truth... and for LIFE!

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