Saturday, July 26, 2014

Are You Pro-Life or Anti-Abortion?

When talking about the life issue with people from the other side I try to get them to think about the label that they often give themselves; the pro-choice label. Most times these people are actually not really for everyone having the right to make a choice, because then we would all be pro-choice and these people would consider the baby's choice. So, in reality these so called "pro-choicers" are actually pro-abortionists.

Even though I try to get the pro-abortion crowd to think about their label I have to admit that I never really thought about mine either... until the other day. So, can I really call myself "Pro-Life"? Let's take a look at the two possibilities on my side of the fence.  I could either be pro-life or I would be anti-abortion. Someone who is pro-life would be a person who's actions are meant to prevent death by encouraging life. Someone who is anti-abortion,  however, would strive to stop abortion. So what's the difference,  they both don't want an abortion to take place?

In argument there does not appear to be too much difference. That is because it is in the practice that the difference is made clear. The anti-abortionist will try to stop you from having an abortion by exposing the evil of abortion. The pro-lifer will try to stop an abortion buy showing the good of life and the help available to those who choose life. A scared and frightened women usually responds more favorably to the kind, calm words and gentle nature of the pro-lifer as opposed to the harsh, angry words of the anti-abortionist.

While both parties are speaking words of truth, only one is really acomplishing much of anything, or at least not making matter worse because of the way that the truth is presented. I saw this very clearly for myself, a pro-lifer, the other day when I was with some other pro-lifers in front of Planned Parenthood. A few hours after we arrived, we were joined by a group of anti-abortionists. Their angry, loud voices stiffled our calm, loving voices as we tried desperately to change the minds of the women going into Planned Parenthood. Even the sidewalks themselves bore the angry,  althought true, message of these people. The atmosphere on those streets that day quickly changed from somber to hostile and warlike.

Please pray for those scared women as they are faced with a difficult choice to make, that they are greeted by the tender, loving voice of someone who really cares about their soul and their child's life. That they may are not attacked from those on the other side of the fence and those who claim to be on our side.

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