Monday, July 28, 2014

Prayers Please

Please take a few moments to pray for one of the young ladies I talked with today. She wants to keep her child and knows that it would not be right to have an abortion. However, she is under a lot of pressure from her mother and the boyfriend.

When asked what would be her dream outcome now that she knows she is pregnant, she responded: "To keep it." So we then discussed the obstacles that she felt were keeping her from reaching that dream and there were solutions.  She saw this, but she also saw that it would not be carefree and easy to overcome those obstacles. In addition, her mother, for reasons of her own, doesn't want her daughter to parent this child.

Shortly after this young lady left our clinic with a lot of new information to think about and consider, she was bombarded again by her mother and boyfriend.  So by the grace of the Holy Spirit, I was nudged to follow up with this client only 10 minutes after she left. Normally I wait at least a few hours to follow up so that they have had some time to process what was discussed, but I was encouraged to do otherwise with this client. I found out that she was still outside the building, 9 floors below, and that she feels she might have to go through with the abortion, but that it was crazy that no one seems to care what she thinks.  I reminded her that I cared and that she was welcome to come back up and talk.

She came back up, but was pretty set on an abortion at that point. I was able to get her to think about this some more and reiterated some of the main points that we had talked about earlier.  I have since been in contact with her throughout the afternoon and into this evening and think I am finally making some progress, or rather God is making progress by using me to do His work. She has now confronted her mother to tell her how she really feels, which is a big step for her. So I am asking for some prayers for this client that she continues to have that courage and strength to stand up for what is right and that her mother opens her heart to the thruth.

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