Friday, July 18, 2014

Don't go in!

Yesterday was one of the toughest days that I have had at Planned Parenthood on Beeckler St. in Manhattan.

I spent all morning with another intern, Hannah, praying in front of the main door, and doing side walk counseling around the block.

It wasn't a slow morning, so we had to pay close attention all the time. As we saw someone approaching the clinic we had to be very cautious.

At 11:00 AM two girls were approaching the main door so my friend and I walked straight to them. They didn't want to listen to us, they just said please don't bother. So I decided to give them a pamphlet and said please keep it in your purse. The security guy might tell you to throw it away because they never let anyone get in carrying a pamphlet.

Six minutes later, the friend of the girl interested in having the abortion went outside the clinic to wait for her. So Hannah and I decided to talk to her. The girl told us she already had an abortion and she is so sad and deppresed but she does not care if her friend has an abortion. 
After 25 minutes of talking, the girl inside the clinic came out and approached were we were stood next to a tree by the main door.

Then Gloria, a prolife volunteer who comes to pray with us and do sidewalk counseling some days, came with her daughter and started to talk to them. 
Her daughter is about 4 years old but she is well prepared to do sidewalk counseling. Isnt that amazing? After so many months coming with her mother to Planned Parenthood she learned how to talk to the girls and what to say to them.

The girl interested in having an abortion told us she is undecided but she wants to have an abortion because she cannot afford it. So we told her how we can help and that this is not the only option. For example, she can find help at the Sisters of Life. 

After talking to her and praying on our knees next to her she decided, while crying, to go back in. Then the little girl ran to her and at the very moment when the girl was opening the door, took her arm and pulled her out while saying please dont go in, come with us!

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