Thursday, July 17, 2014

God's plan

Hope everyone has had a blessed week. At the start of this week I was fortunate enough to visit the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania along with Vanessa.


During that time we visited a historical farm village set in the 18th-19th century. Overall it was an extremely interesting experience, and one key aspect of it that I most enjoyed learning about was the determination of the original settlers. Their hard work was evident, starting as serfs in Germany, boldly crossing the Atlantic on a small ship to make a better life for themselves, only to have to build a full farm from nothing. They fully trusted in God, and everything they did, they done it in His name. Their faith and courage is a shining example to us all. Sometimes when life gets hard, we just have to take a step back and see that God has a plan for each and every one of us, and just to trust in Him. 

“If you follow the will of God, you know that in spite of all the terrible things that happen to you, you will never lose a final refuge. You know that the foundation of the world is love, so that even when no human being can or will help you, you may go on, trusting in the One that loves you.” 
― Pope Benedict XVI

In the office today, I was talking to three different girls. Strangely, all three of their pregnancy tests were found to be negative. With two of the girls wishing to parent, it was tough witnessing women who long to be filled with the joy of a new baby finding out they weren't pregnant. In a society today that discards something so sacred as human life, it is an injustice not only to the babies who don't get the chance to live, but also to the parents who cannot conceive. Therefore we must pray that society comes to realise this injustice, and truly recognise the beauty of human life. 

Thanks again for reading my blog.

God bless, 


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