Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Double turn around

Yesterday I had to go to Brooklyn office.
Its a busy morning and we all saw about 6 girls in total.

When I wen to the office after lunch a couple arrived. I looked at them and they looked very scary and terrifed.

I took them to a room and asked the girl to take first a free pregnancy to verify if she is pregnant or not.
After she took the pregnancy test we concluded she is pregnant. Then I took both of them to an other room and started counselig them. I showed them the methods of abortion, procedures and of course the risks of having an abortion.

Soon after they saw and understood all the risks of abortion, I talked to them about the other options and alternatives they can have instead of the abortion.

Then the girl went to a sonogram in other room, she heard the heart beat of her baby and I believe that was the main cause that changed her mind. Hearing the heart beat of her own child in the womb was something that astonished her so much that made her want to keep the baby.

Thank God she is keeping the baby and she has us to help her and her boyfrien in everything they need.

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