Thursday, July 17, 2014

Oh by the way...I'm keeping my baby!

Today I spent the morning once again outside Planned Parenthood.  It was a slow morning..meaning not many girls coming for abortions..which is always a good thing.
Nonetheless God worked in a mighty way and I got to witness a life be saved. 
I met a girl outside named Chaya. She at first was questioning me trying to figure out what "box" she could put me in. She didn't seem to want to accept that I literally just wanted to help. 
But we ended up having a really good conversation that included me showing her a mini video on my phone of what her baby looks like right now. 
She thanked me and said she wasn't gonna go through with it but wanted to talk to them. (I've heard that many times only to find out they went through with it..) Needless to say I was hopeful but not holding my breath. 

However, upon returning from a bathroom break I heard from Tote (another intern) that Chaya had left the clinic and given him her number to give to me asking for me to call her. When I followed up she said she just wanted to let me know that she didn't go through with it and wants to keep her baby. 

I was, of course, delighted!

It was a seemingly easy yet great victory!

Me conversing with a bystander outside Planned Parenthood:

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