Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I just had a client come in at 23 weeks and 2 days along. She remained set on abortion with no apparent sign of being torn in her decision at all.

Based on the law in NY she would need the abortion by 24 weeks so she doesn't have much time. However she sat in the office and calculated to make sure she could get it in time.

Please pray her heart changes and please pray also that she would not be able to fit in a procedure in time before the law goes into effect. Granted...clinics don't always follow the law ...but she at least knows the law so maybe that will stop her.


Gateway Pregnancy Center said...

We will be praying. Dean

Lucy Millar said...

Praying for her not to be afraid of her responsibility to continue LIFE as the only sentient choice the life of a woman and baby counts a the graceful choice, loving faithful reasonable choice. Woman, listen to your instincts not your fear.