Saturday, July 5, 2014

Please storm heaven

We had a lovely day off yesterday to enjoy the 4th of July. We visited the beautiful 9/11 memorial in Manhattan. Around the outside are the names of those who died; women who were pregnant at the time were remembered by their name followed by 'and her unborn child'. It is heartbreaking to note that if the death of the unborn occurs at the hands of a doctor who is paid for taking their life, then they are defined as a 'blob of cells'. No mourning or grieving is allowed. The lie of abortion masks the truths we know deep down - the unborn child is precious and should be safe in their mothers womb.

I really thought no-one would come into the clinics the morning after Independence day, so I was surprised when 3 women all came within the space of 30 minutes! I realised the importance of being open on Saturday mornings when we arrived at the Brooklyn clinic. 2 Planned Parenthood volunteers were standing at the door to the building to escort women in - there are two abortion providers in the same building as the EMC clinic. A scary thought. At the same time we are trying to give women alternatives, 3 floors down, lives are being taken, broken and ruined. 

Another intern and I spoke to the women, one of whom I'd like to tell you about so you can (please) pray for her:

Margaret* is pregnant with her fourth child, and has a medical condition that makes her really sick every time she is pregnant, and wants an abortion because of it. Another intern counselled her and asked if she believes in God, which she does. Unfortunately, the woman still wants an abortion, but was thankful that Hannah had prayed for her and would continue to do so. We really think that if her sickness lifted, she might reconsider and have the child. As I said in my last post, prayer is powerful, and even the fact that she knows we are praying for her might lift her spirit a little.  The strange thing is that she was in a few weeks ago and one of the new interns at the time at scheduled at sonogram appointment for her today - a service not offered on Saturdays. So she shouldn't really have come in at all, but for some reason she did ... This is a real opportunity to storm heaven - this child needs prayers, but so does the mum - who knows what short and long term effects an abortion would have on her. Her sickess now will last a maximum of 9 months, if she gets the abortion, that could have a more negative impact on her life. Please pray with us for her. 

Over and out.
God bless, Vx. 

Our Lady of Gaudalupe, pray for us.
St Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

  *not her real name 

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