Monday, July 28, 2014

"Go ahead, call the cops!"

Last week I spent a morning sidewalk counseling outside Dr. Emily's in the Bronx. Not long after arriving, the oh-so-friendly (or NOT) security guard began to tell me how I couldn't stand where I was and that if I didn't leave he would call the cops.
I politely told him to go ahead and call them but I was not going to leave as I was certain I was not breaking any laws.

A few minutes later the cops showed up and I could tell they were a little annoyed by the call because they knew that the clinic just didn't like me and I wasn't actually doing anything wrong.

I have to say that the whole experience was both exhilarating and yet quite frustrating.
Although it got me fired up, it also derailed me a bit by distracting me. Naturally my perception of the security guard is less than superb, yet I also realize that the proper response is to bless and pray for him. So that is what I will continue to do and I ask that you join me.

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