Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's Just Some Tissue... Really??

9 week fetal model
Today I had the opportunity to talk to two women who were considering having an abortion. Both of these women were faced with a difficult choice because of their life circumstances. They came to EMC with a decision to solve their problems, but both had been lied to about the new life nestled in their womb. These women, while deep down desiring to somehow keep this new life, found comfort in something they were told to be true... that it was just some tissue and not that big.

I decided that this would be a perfect time to show these women the fetal models that we have in our Bronx office. The first woman was roughly 9-10 weeks pregnant and so she has felt the child move, but still did not think that it was as big as it really is. So when I showed her the model she was shocked.

At first she would not take it, but just looked at the fetal model in my outstretched hand. I kept it there while we continued to talk. Then, after a few minutes she picked it up and held it in her hands and just looked at it, without saying anything. She sat there for several minutes caressing the model in tears. Ultimately she knows it would be wrong to have an abortion, and she does not want to have one, but due to circumstances in her life she feels pressured into it. Please keep her in prayer that we will be able to provide her with the help that she needs and desires.

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