Sunday, July 20, 2014

Good for you, God to me

Hello again, my good readers. This week I wanted to share with you that being a volunteer and work for EMC is not something I do for my own good, the main reason is to help others. But even is not the objective why I came here, I have to say that lots of new and positive experiences are involving me in this first weeks that I´ve been here. I feel that I´m learning many new things mostly in terms of pro-life and helping future or recent mothers, a knowledge that I will be able to use in the future so I would know how to act in similar situations. Also, to do this task correctly is basic to have inspiration. That´s why is so important to be close to God: to have clear ideas, to focus on your target and to have that extra power of inspiration that can make the difference. But wanted or not this relationship gets closer while days are passing and while tasks are being done, you feel more and more how God involves you with his presence. There are not many other situations that open to reflexion and that easy to improve your faith like this. It´s a privilege not recommendable to reject.

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