Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Amazing turn around

Last Monday I had one of the most wonderful days sidewalk counseling I could ever had.

It was my first days sidewalk counseling this summer. I was at the back door at Emily's abortion clinic praying the rosary, It was 10:00 am, the heat was burning, and suddenly two girls one of them carrying a baby, appeared in the sidewalk.

For the first second I was very nervous, so I decided to grab the rosary with my hand and talk to talk to them. Both girls were surprised that I stopped them. The one that was carrying the baby looked confused and scared. I gave her our panphlet and said 'hey, you don't really want to do this, there are other alternatives instead of this one. We can help you. Come to our office that is next to this clinic and will explain you how you can go forward and make the right decision'.

So afte talking to them they went straight to our office in the Bronx, that is so close to Emily's. Then I called one intern that was working at that time at the office to be ready for her, but the problem was she does not speak any spanish, so I had to go the office to keep talking to them.

I took the bus to the office and got there 20 minutes later. Once I arrived, they were waiting for me, and after half an hour later she decided to keep the baby!

Isn't that amazing? Thanks God that sent me to Emily's that morning so I could talked to one girl and her friend, I sent them to our office in the Bronx, and convience the lady to keep the baby and become a mother.

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