Thursday, December 4, 2014

Truth about adoption

This past week I have been doing some research about adoption and why are people in general so skeptical about it, as if its some kind of taboo.

Well, the conclusion I have made is that in spite of what everybody thinks which is basically that adoption is for selfish  people who don't want to be responsible for the life of their child that they decide is better to kill it before its born and avoid him suffering. As if his life would be determined for what that girl has experienced so far, as if life is not worth living.

But that is not true: adoption is in fact for very brave and utterly selfless people who have realized and have accepted that they are not ready to be mothers, that they have really difficult or tough circumstances; women that live in a complicated atmosphere for raising a child, women who do know that they don't want what they would like or consider important to raise a baby; and they do the most important act of love and courage that any woman can make: to give her own child, her own flesh, whom she has carry inside of her for nine months, without paying attention to what the rest of the world could say; to another family, to a couple that cannot conceived but has been waiting ages for a baby, and knows that her baby would grow up surrounded by love, surrounded by everything he might need, and much of those couples allow the woman to continue visiting the child if she wants to do so. In order to continue with her professional career (if that was the problem) or to deal and solve her difficult own situation; but knowing that she made the right choice, knowing that her baby is alive, happy and is loved. Knowing that she didn't chose wrong.

So don't dare you to tell me, that abortion is selfish because my friends, it maybe the most difficult decision to make, and one of the most mature, but it would be a good decision. Your baby would always be thankful because you chose life for him instead of "just" going to an abortion facility and abort him, and then you place him in a family that loves him. If that is not good, then we don't know  what good truly means.

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