Saturday, December 6, 2014

Paint me a picture

Today in the Bronx office painting went under way. As there were many marks on the wall. There were marks From water leaking in and seeping down. I am glad they were able to paint. Some girls would complain in the past and say the place looks scary. In any case I will paint another picture for you every day 100's of abortions are performed all over...each one a life that is snuffed out. A family tree. These are babies that could be getting married having their own children serving others and God. Yet out of a law that says inconvenience shouldn't cause us to Take responsibility. We are now allowed to become licensed to kill children I thank God for Chris Slattery and the idea's God has given him. Many lives have been saved through it. It is clear that God has blessed him in his desire to help do this "thang" and let me tell you it is very effective. Today for instance though painting was being done in the office abortions simply don't stop. The devil don't stop if it's cold all he comes to do is destroy and relentlessly so. A girl in our office today was persuaded to at least go home and rethink about her decision as well as agreeing to get a sonogram. Please be praying for her.

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