Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Bisexual who was undecided


Today at the Brooklyn office I had a client who was really undecided about wether to keep her baby or not. Just like many of the women that I see everyday, the difference was that her main problem was her bisexuality: she was pregnant from her exboyfriend but now she was with a girl and the relationship was different, so she needs to make up her mind: she already has a child and if she keeps on dating this girl she is not gonna have any more kids so she has a big dilema there. 

But what really helps me, is to see that being prolife or being in favor of parenting, isn't something that entails just the catholic movement, is something universal, that people with very different backgrounds can feel identified. So I just hope that this girl does the right thing so that she could be a great example among her other lesbian or bisexual friends. God bless diversity! 

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