Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Drugs n stuff"

Today I had another turnaround. She had two baby girls from her past boyfriend an 8 month and a 2 year old. Now she is 12 weeks with another blossoming beautiful baby. She got married recently. This I thought was great. I was like she's happy laughing and married perhaps she already wanted to keep and is looking for support. WRONG. Her husband is deep into drugs... And he ran away with some of her money. She has no idea where he is.. She wants to divorce him but can't find him. She wants the abortion never had one. This man has scarred her... She was already abandoned by her mother when she was 9...poor girl.. And all she has now is her aunt. I explained to her there is no good or positive side to abortion.. She would be traumatized. She spoke of how hurt she was after a miscarriage she had in the past. I did convince her to keep. Thank God. We spoke of how she wanted a future it was explained to her this child  right now only has 1 chance to a future and only her the mommy can give her child that. She left still happy and smiling I gave her my number and told her I wanted her to see me as a friend not just another person.

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