Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our present, their future.

As I told in the previous blog, she asked me "Can I do pregnancy test? How much? And i answered, “obviously we do it and it´s free”.
She is only 16 years, but despite of his youth, she shows more assertiveness than her cousin and she confirmed us that if the result is positive, she will have the baby.
It is not easy to show courage, but knowing that a baby is coming to the world, that provides extra strength that allows to face any adversity.

Finally she did the pregnancy test, and the result was positive. She smiled, and she looked so happy, and the next Monday she will back to the office for the sonogram.

With great effort of all people who works and collaborate in EMC, every day we have the opportunity to see the happy expression from future moms. The greatest incentive for volunteers like me who comes from Spain.

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