Saturday, December 13, 2014


First of all, I want to say sorry for taking so long.

Last weekend, Teresa and I went to DC to a congress. Before speaking about it, I wanted to reread all my notes and so I've done!

We arrived on Friday. The lecture was on Saturday and we had free accommodation, but couldn't log in before 5:30 pm, so we took our luggage and went sightseeing. DC is a great city! small, wide, quiet. Washington is the Memorials city.

On Saturday we attended the Leadership Institute Women's Leadership training. I have to say it was great. it was divided into four lectures:

1. The generational difference and how to manage it.
most important thing for this is to be empathetic and know that there is a difference, as it's not the same dealing with a person with whom there is 5 years difference than with one with whim we have 40 years difference.

2. Knowing how to be a leader behind a leader. How to be the one in charge without have been given that role.

3. The consistency between the person we are and the one we create online. A key for this is to create different accounts, a personal one with a different name and the professional one with the same name that we use.

4. Creating a story based on specific moments our lives, to reach the goals we want to achieve.
For each lecture a different woman spoke. The four of them were amazing.

Here I leave you a picture of my favourites memorials

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