Thursday, December 18, 2014

stay in touch!

I will be leaving in a few weeks. I am aiming for January 1st. I spoke with Chris Slattery and have been proud to work here. It has truly been an experience. Later this week we will be taking all moms to see the hobbit and give them Christmas gifts. I can't help but think soon I'll be gone. I'm glad I came the work was not in vain. So far since I have been here 33 moms have decided to keep just from my obedience in doing what God told me to do and come here. Anyways a couple days ago a girl came in she left undecided she was illegally here no social security anything. She needed a place to stay had an abusive bf she was trying to get away from and already had two abortions. She needed housing so I got her in touch with good counsel homes she has an Appt with them tomorrow. Well an interview. I hope she gets it she's worried because she has no social security. I told her to stay in touch with me and we have been talking I also invited her to see the hobbit this friday

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