Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Today I’ve been to Planned Parenthood. It has been my first time there since I’ve been here and it has been a very interesting adventure.
When we arrived to the clinic, the first thing I was told is which line is the one which must not be crossed. That line divides PP into two zones; the saving and still with hope one, and the hopeless one which we called the “dead zone”.
While being out there, the major problem is that lots of girls arrive in a taxi to the “dead zone” so that doubles the trouble, because we have to try and get to speak with them from the “saving zone” which rarely is a success. Today we tried to speak with a lot of girls, but they zoomed from our side of the line to the other as if they actually knew which line it is. From all they girls we saw today, only a young couple actually stopped to talk to me. The girl was 18 weeks pregnant, was 17 years old and was going into PP to get information about prenatal care. I told them about EMC and how we could help them. They’ll be coming to our Brooklyn office next week.

I hope to go back another day; so much can be learned out there!
 "saving zone"                                                                                                     "dead zone"



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