Saturday, December 13, 2014

Last week


So for personal circumstances, I have to return to Spain sooner than I expected so this has been my very last week with my EMC coworkers. I cannot be more happy for this month and a half that I have passed here. I am very pleased for all the mothers that I have helped, even the ones that decided to not carry the pregnancy to term because the mayority of them at least sat down and listened to what I was saying and I am calm knowing that I have explained them the options that they have: abortion, adoption and parenting with their advantages and disadvantages. I have tried to be very delicate and comprehensive with their personal circumstances, not judge them, even when it was really difficult; but over all, I am happy to have listened to them and have explained them that they are not alone, that they cannot make a decision if they dont have all the information and that there is always hope and love if we find at least one person who is willing to listen and help.

Thank you EMC, you have done it again.  


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