Sunday, December 28, 2014

Last Days

 Today is my second to last day working for EMC as I leave on tuesday. It has been an extravagant pleasure Today Another woman determined to have an abortion. I spent two and a half hours trying to keep her in the office. I also ave her a cup of hot cocoa. I find it highly necessary to help them feel welcomed and loved. As long as they feel you love accept and comfort them they will be that much more susceptible to what you have to say. I showed her to seperate videos which is unusual but I went with what my gut told me and that was to show her both. I told her about her health risks the effects on the baby. She has never been pregnant before she is only 21. Yes we've had younger. But when a girl decides last minute to change her mind about something that she feels could destroy her life forever and takes courage this is the truest form of boldness I've ever seen and this is a type of boldness I have to admire. Pray for her she will be coming back for more consultation as well as texting and calling me.

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