Saturday, December 13, 2014

Another day another victory!!!

Yesterday while on the phone with a girl I was counseling last week. A girl called me. We had told her housing is available for her. That all she had to do was say she wanted to keep her child...she was saying how inconvenient it was. I said and how often is a mother truly ready for a pregnancy. Your a sweet girl with a kind heart. The heart of a mother you already have two children and they've blessed you. No mother should ever have to make the decision to kill or "terminate" her child. She cried. I gave her tissues and a hug. I gave her my number and she called saying please get me the housing I know what's right and you guys have woke me. The guilt has been weighing me down so much when I came in there my mind was made up. Thank you for changing my mind sharing the truth and being my friend! She also said we were right that she don't need a man to raise a child. 

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