Saturday, December 13, 2014


Of 7 woman who wanted to have an abortion, 5 ended keeping the child, and one wants to look for adoption plans. The seventh one, was taken away from the mother out of my office, because she found out that we do not make abortions. The month I have been here, I've spoken to aprox 15 woman, but mostly they come undecided, even they say they came for an abortion. But it´s not me who saved those children, it`s them, because they keep it. This mothers are going to have the child not me, it's them who are going to give him food and an education, not me. I'm only the last voice they might hear, but it's them who make the last decisions.

Today this changed. I had two clients who wanted to have an abortion, and finally get one. I tried to do my best. I was really sad. People might say that we did something wrong, that we are worthless, but that's not true. It's not me who was there in the conception, and it's not me who is going to kill that child.

We have to know that every single mother who wants to keep it is quite a miracle. Even if only one woman would keep it, it has been worth to travel the whole way from Spain to the US. We are not here for money, we are here to save lifes.

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