Thursday, December 25, 2014


Tonight a very important baby is borned: Baby Jesus. He came here to save us, so it is a time for celebration.
This week in the offices we have been delivering gift for those who have it really difficult in life and besides that, chose life before abortion. This has been a great feeling for them and also for us.

This little baby is Shannon, 26 days old and borned 6 weeks early. Her mom, Sonia, came to our old office in Queens, she was 28 weeks, she had already chosen life before abortion, but she had had a risky pregnancy and needed help in finding resources for her baby. Yesterday the hole family came and introduced me to this lovely baby. 
Please, enjoy your Christmas and don’t let anyone sour your Christmas mood. If they do, have forgiveness in your heart, baby Jesus is there today. Listen, be kind, be generous, be comprehensive, be Christ who come to save us.

Hope you’ll all enjoy this couple days and make them Holy!!

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